What is fostering

Fostering is like temporary ownership — you take care of your foster pet as though it were your own ideally until we find the animal their forever home.

Why do we encourage a strong foster program?

At SXM Paws we treat all our animals like family and we want them to feel the love and companionship in a home setting rather than a kennel if that is possible.   When a dog is in a foster home we also learn a lot about their personality making it much easier to find them their perfect family.  In addition, the foster program helps to support our rescue efforts allowing us to rescue more than we would be able to facilitate at the adoption center.

How do I start fostering?

Complete the foster agreement (click here) and submit to us at, please include the name of the animal you might be interested in fostering from our social medias posts.  All requests will be based on availability.  

How long does a foster typically last? 

Fostering tends to last 2 to 4 weeks, but this can vary.  Depending on whether the dog get adopted much more quickly or if it takes a bit longer, we ask that the fosters commit to the care of the dog until we can find them a forever home.  The instability of going from place to place can be stressful on a dog, so the longer they can stay on one place the better for their overall well-being.

What if I need to give my foster animal back?

We will place the animal in a new foster home if you can no longer care for your foster pet. We need at least 24 hours notice, the more notice the better.

What kinds of supplies will be provided?  

SXM Paws will supply, food, collar/leash, training pads, poop bags, toys, beds and crates if needed.  Supplies will be distributed by a SXM Paws representative and will always be accessible if additional supplies are required.  

What if I want to adopt my foster animal?  

Please contact us immediately is you are interested in adopting your foster.  You will be required to complete application and go through approval.  You have the option to adopt ONLY if another adopter has not already been approved to adopt that animal.

What are my responsibilities as a foster parent?

You are expected to provide your foster pet with all of the loving care it needs, which includes (but is not limited to) food, water, shelter, exercise, and medication when required. You are expected to be available via phone call, text, and/or email on a daily basis so that we can check in when necessary.  We ask that you provide SXM Paws with updated pictures of your foster dog so that we might be able to find them a forever home.   

Who pays for veterinary care for the foster?

All expenses for the animals medical care will be paid for of course by SXM Paws. 


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