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SXM PAWS has been actively helping the island animals since 2005.  We are an independent group of dedicated volunteers helping to make a difference in the animals lives through rescuing, spaying/neutering, adopting and educating.  We at SXM PAWS are dedicated to giving the island animals a better chance at life.  Since founded in 2005, SXM PAWS has rescued, rehabilitated, and found loving homes for over four hundred animals on the island as well as many finding their forever home in the USA, Canada, France and Holland.  In addition we have spayed and neutered countless hundreds of animals while also providing assistance to local families in need of spaying or neutering their animals.

SXM PAWS is an all-volunteer organization.  We are not a kennel, nor do we have a physical location such as a shelter facility.  We are a network of foster homes, where our animals are kept and nurtured until they find their forever families.

So often, the animals we rescue have suffered abandonment, neglect and abuse, and it is why we are dedicated to making a positive difference in their lives from the moment they enter our foster program.  Our goal is to help them in every way we can…. emotionally, socially, physically…. so that the transition into their forever homes will be as smooth as possible.

One by one we can make a difference!  Thank you for helping us to help the island animals!!!


Corinne Mackie is the founder, coordinator of events and dog whisperer extraordinaire of SXM PAWS. She has been selflessly volunteering her time helping the island animals for countless years on her own and also volunteering for the late rescue organization Les Quatre Pattes/PAWS which was closed in 2012 on the French side. She has formed SXM PAWS on the Dutch side of the island to continue the work and good will that the volunteers and founders of the former organization, Les Quatre Pattes/PAWS started in 2005.

Known locally as Corry, she is a pillar to the animal rescue community on the island and has become a guardian angel to hundreds of strays that she has spayed/neutered and fed over the years. Her two animal companions seen above, Rico and Emma, accompany Corry on her daily feeding and/or search and rescue expeditions. Corry is known as the “puppy magnet”! She has searched out and found literally HUNDREDS of new litters of pups in the Cupecoy/Mullet Bay area and has placed them in loving homes either on the island or by sending them to their forever homes in the USA, Canada, France or Holland!!

Corry’s work is tireless, selfless, exhausting and rewarding, all at the same time. She has formed this organization to spread the word about the plight of the homeless and abandoned animals on the island. Please browse through the website to see what Corry and her volunteers are working on and visit the Volunteer and Donate page to see how you can help.


Dorette de Leeuw Pfennings was born on the island of St. Maarten, her family dates back several generations on St. Maarten …we tease her that she was born in a bar…which is close to the truth..her family home later became the West Indian Tavern on Front street and is now the Guavaberry Factory…Dorette left the island for an education in Canada, culminating with a degree from McGill University..on her return she opened a very successful administrative services company on the island, helping many people from around the world wishing to settle in St. Maarten and plan their future. Dorette is married and lives with her husband and one large yellow lab called Boomer. She created a cat sanctuary in her home 10 years ago..and has to date some 40 plus cats in her care in a covered area in the garden, these lucky kitties enjoy a life of luxury and security!!

Dorette has a huge heart and will always be there to help an animal in need, they all seem to gravitate to her, sensing her compassion!! Animals know genuine kindness!!


261582_2183893796192_1765750_nJene Werner arrived on St. Maarten from the US, in the mid 1970s and never left…creating with her partner Bobby, several very popular restaurants on the island that have all become a home away from home for the locals and tourists alike…where you can share excellent food in a comfortable atmosphere…no matter how late they close their restaurants, Jene & Bobby take leftovers for the strays in the area..which is the highlight of these dog and cats night…gourmet dining in the bushes!! Chachi, Jenny and Pepper, 3 dogs all rescued from the golf course enjoy the good life with Jene & Bobby along with cats Bandit and Kiki..

A special mention to

DSCN0851Shelley Crane former director of Les Quatre Pattes foundation here on French St. Martin..Shelley moved back to the States in 2012 and still advises me with shipping and various dog issues…she also is our copy editor here for this new website…

AngieAngie Sollinger and daughter Sam, who will hopefully think about studying to be a veterinarian one day…both help us with food drives, daily feedings and driving crates to the airport.
Angie hails originally from Florida and lives in Terre Basse, with her Husband, Sam her daughter and 2 dogs, Martini and Lucy.

ImageAudrey Andrus..Guardian Angel of many dogs and owner of the magic garden where lots of pups have happily been raised until adoption. Audrey is director of The Animal Rescue League in the USA and allows us to have our PAY PAL account through her foundation, which helps so much!! Audrey spends her time between St. Martin and Michigan.

Animal Care Center, which is located behind KFC in Cole Bay helps us no end with taking care of many animals..Dr. Virginie de Ceuster, with Dr. Eva Pedro de Masy are now used to Dorette and I showing up with a next rescue which needs their expertise to recover and Maureen, Valerie and Anais take care of many of the dogs in their day to day routines. We are very grateful to all there!

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