October 2013 Terry Struthers from the Towers at Mullet Bay called me to say there was a dog at the security shack..that was starving and covered in ticks…

I drove down there to find a once beautiful dog in terrible shape…i could not even begin to count the ticks on him…fleas jumping everywhere and every bone in his body stuck out.

Off we went to Animal Care Center, where he was given the royal took days to get off all the ticks…he was named Scooby by Terry…

over the months Scooby filled out and started to look like the dog he should be…he was loved by everyone who met him…and in February 2014 Scooby was spotted on
Facebook by Ami Shahan, who responded to a friend sharing his photo with her…Thanks Alli Jacheo.

Scooby flew up to Connecticut with a local sign maker, Tim Salt…and the rest is history..

Ami & Scooby drive around the Connecticut countryside together in an RV, go camping or just hang out at home …they make a great team!!

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