Rudi was rescued by Elisabeth and lived at her plantation house in Mary Fancy…when i first saw him..he had been for a dip to cool off in the dirty stream nearby
he seemed listless and hot….his thick coat seemed far too hot for a dog living in the Caribbean!

a few weeks later in May this year i picked him up and brought him over to Animal Care Center to have a look at an ear infection he had…he stayed at the center for a few weeks, until
Shaheena Anene very sweetly agreed to foster him along side her two Dalmatians. He had a happy time there..discovering air conditioning and regular meals
along with walks and playtime…what a grand life for one who did not know any of this.

so big excitement when a friend Elaine Malec in Pittsburg said she would like to adopt Rudi!! timing was perfect for Professor Theresa Boyd from AUC who was travelling
up to Washington DC and agreed to take Rudi with her…A sad farewell at the airport and off he went in First Class cabin with Theresa to Washington DC via Charlotte, NC.

Since their flight was delayed, Theresa took Rudi to her home in Annapolis and another dear friend/ animal lover Kelly Heefner Kasul, picked him up, took him home for the night and
next morning drive from Washington half way to Pittsburg to meet his new owner Elaine..

Last report received today, August 29, 2014 was that Rudi got a reasonable bill of health from the vet in Pittsburg, has some liver issues to resolve and must have some teeth extracted, but
is enjoying the company of Elaines female dogs Sammy and Noel plus all the new smells in the garden!!

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