Maho Mama

Feeding the stray cats in Maho..i came across this friendly pregnant Mama cat one day…and after taking a photo and talking with Dr. Theresa Boyd who was also feeding the cats a few nights a week for me…we decided to take her in..i posted her photo on Facebook and soon enough Margje Troost answered our call for a home for Maho Mama to have her kittens in ….

Next day i picked her up…and drove her over to Margjes house…Maho Mama had her kittens that very night…5 of them!!
They spend a really happy first 2 months of their lives by Marjge, who was expecting a baby of her own.

Dr. Theresa adopted the first calico kitten, then 2 more went up to Washington DC where animal lover Kelly Heefner Kasul arranged 2 homes for them..Joelle Clark arranged a transport with a friend of hers up to Washington…and Joelle carried another kitty Gabi up to Chicago with her.

Tootsie and Alice went to their new homes and Tootsie was soon joined by her Mama …who is now called Duchess….the 4th kitty stayed on SXM and was adopted by a kind family from Holland.

Margje had a baby girl in July, congratulations to her and Jan!!

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