June 2013

June 2013…Audrey Andrus called and asked me to go to the Dog pound on the French side, where a young mother dog a had been found tied by a wire to a tree with no food and water and 6 one week old pups.
“Please rescue and put them in my garden” said Audrey” and call her June”…she had months before let me put 6 other pups i knew it was the best safe haven for them, a quiet garden with a wooden dog house, that would seem like a palace after the bleak concrete floor at the dog pound.

Ursula from I LOVE MY ISLAND DOG assisted me in getting June and her pups out of the shelter…when Junes eyes met mine they said thank you….
As i looked closely at her..i saw a red gash on her neck…and on closer inspection i saw the wire she had been tied to the tree was still embedded in her neck..sinking at least an inch all around her neck..the pain must have been unbearable, but all she could think of was her pups.

After the vet wrestled to get the wire out…we bundled all into the car and off to the garden….

June and her pups flourished by day June recovered and the pups grew…
It was not long before another phone call from Audrey saying…another 6 pups have been found dumped on the roadside, can you rescue and put them with junes…i did…and June being the trooper
that she is nursed and looked after all 12 of the pups…

One by one each pup got adopted..1 to Texas, 4 to Connecticut,1 to NY, 6 still on SXM and best of all…June was adopted by a loving family in Michigan who already had coconut Spot who grew up in the same Garden.

in 2013…21 pups started their lives in Audreys magical garden, SXM PAWS thanks her so much for giving them this great start in life.

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