Greta spent the first 1-1/2 years of her life as a street dog on the Island of St. Maarten, in the Caribbean.

Greta was rescued by SXM PAWS off the streets in Cupecoy area along with Harry and Mabel.

Harry since lived a happy life in Pelican until his recent passing on and Mabel now lives in Terre Basse in Mr. Donald Trumps villa.

There is a woman named Sue who lives near our home in Connecticut and is active in animal rescue. Each year she visits St. Maarten several times and selects 2 or 3 dogs to bring back to the United States where she then finds them “forever” homes.

Greta came to the United States in early 2009. She had a rough childhood and was not very social, so Sue had a hard time finding Greta a home. My wife and I came across an ad in the paper for Greta, and had to investigate. The first step was to be sure our cats approved of Greta, so Sue brought her by our house for a “test visit”. Here is a picture of my wife during that visit. Boris, our test cat looks on from the background with approval.

After that visit, we agreed to foster Greta for a week to see how thing would work out. It worked out well and she never left! It took almost a full year for Greta to begin to really feel at home. She has now been with us for almost 5 years. She will occasionally steal some food from the table if we aren’t watching, and sometimes she sneaks up on the big soft bed to take a nap.
Other than that she is a little angel.

Greta is not fond of thunder or fireworks, and sometimes we find her hiding beneath her dog bed.

Greta is a very lucky dog. She gets to go everywhere with us. She has her own dog bed in the back seat of my truck, and her own life jacket for when she rides on the boat.

She loves taking long walks on Block Island, one or our favorite boating destinations.

At the end of a day of hiking around, we sometimes sit down and meet new friends.

Other times she just wants to rest in the sun.

One of her favorite activities is going for a ride to shore in her inflatable.

Over the last 5 years, Greta has fully embedded herself into our family. She is part of our “pack” and loves us as much as we love her.


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