Blondie pups

When Audrey and I found the 6 little pups we had been looking for in the bushes in Terre Basse in April 2013. little did we realize that we would become so emotionally attached to these 6 little Blondie pups as we called them … Audrey invited them to stay in her garden as they were only around 4 weeks old…and we watched them grow week after week until each finally got adopted…Mum and Dad were both spay/ neutered and back living in Terre Basse bushes … but i feed them every night and they are a very happy couple.

3 of the Blondie pups finally went to Canada, 2 went to the USA and 1 stayed here on SXM … we follow their progress through Facebook and were so proud when we got a photo of Copper on the big screen at the Dodgers Stadium recently and Scuba with his Canadian hat on Canada Day…LOVE THESE PUPS!!

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