a young girl Yomara Renjifo called me back in June to say there was a dog wandering by her Fathers workplace and it was in bad shape…i found a picture of misery..a dog that was so skinny and her skin so raw, i doubted she would survive…scooping her up we went back to Animal Care Center where Dorette, Maureen and Dr. Eva spent the next months getting Scarlett back on the road to recovery.

Dorette suggested we call her Scarlet O Hara, because she would never be hungry again…a line from ‘Gone with the Wind’…our goal is and was to make sure of that !!

Scarlett was adopted last week to a wonderful folks from France, who live on the island and made Scarlett part of their family, they renamed her Bella … A big thank you goes out to all who helped this little girl back to the life she so deserves.

Bella Before And After

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