Bart & Boris

One day in October 2013 driving through Cupecoy i came across 2 lovely dogs, obviously just dumped, they were looking lost, as if to say what happened??
the larger black one was fairly friendly but the brown one did not want to come near me although they were both obviously hungry, over a week i left food each day for them and Boris as i called the large Black one starting gaining some trust to come and be petted…i put him into my car and off we went to Animal Care Center…

Boris longed to be out running and free and when one day Cristina Alex spotted his photo of Facebook she called me and came to meet was love at first sight for both of them Boris went home with Cristina..

Bart, as i called the brown dog continued along alone…i fed him each evening, but he would not come near me…slowly day by day…he started looking for my car … and i am sure once in a while i saw a tail wag very slightly ….
When school teachers Mary Meijer and Rob Wiens told me they had been watching Bart and would be interested to adopt him..i felt such joy for him…but we still had to catch him.

Rob and Mary went most days and fed Bart beside the road … but he still would not come near us.

so i put out a trap for him and within an hour..he was in it..!! We drove to Animal Care Center..where Barts rehab took some weeks…but thanks to Mark and Ellen Feldman, who spent their vacation on the island coming to help socialize dogs, Bart came around after weeks of talking and calming him, Mary and Rob were finally able to take him home… he is now one of the happiest dogs on Simpson bay beach where they live.

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