Happy Tails

Want to share you story with your adopted pet from SXM Paws? If so just contact us and we will be more than happy to add your pet to our happy tails.



Greta spent the first 1-1/2 years of her life as a street dog on the Island of St. Maarten, in the Caribbean. Read more.

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Cooper, Domino and Marley

It all started with 2 pups dumped in a TV box on Cupecoy Beach!! Clayton and Bobby Tolman from Maine stepped up and adopted them … took them back to Maine. Read more.


Blondie pups

When Audrey and I found the 6 little pups we had been looking for in the bushes in Terre Basse in April 2013. little did we realize that we would become so emotionally attached to these 6 little Blondie pups as we called them. Read more.



Rudi was rescued by Elisabeth and lived at her plantation house in Mary Fancy…when i first saw him..he had been for a dip to cool off in the dirty stream nearby he seemed listless and hot….his thick coat seemed far too hot for a dog living in the Caribbean! Read more.

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Bart & Boris

One day in October 2013 driving through Cupecoy i came across 2 lovely dogs, obviously just dumped, they were looking lost, as if to say what happened?? Read more.


Maho Mama

Feeding the stray cats in Maho..i came across this friendly pregnant Mama cat one day…and after taking a photo and talking with Dr. Theresa Boyd who was also feeding the cats a few nights a week for me…we decided to take her in..i posted her photo on Facebook and soon enough Margje Troost answered our call for a home for Maho Mama to have her kittens in … Read more.


Elisabeths Caribbean Dump Dog

Earlier this year the animals of St. Maarten lost a great friend…Elisabeth Reitz who had been caring for so many dogs on the side of the road, on the garbage dump and all over the island, passed away after a brief illness.Her old plantation home in the middle of the island had been a refuge to some 80 plus dogs…she cared, medicated and fed them so her passing left a huge void….she had created a foundation called Elisabeths Caribbean Dump Dogs.. which continues on today caring for the 30 – 40 Plus remaining dogs in the lovely gardens of her old home. Read more.


October 2013 Terry Struthers from the Towers at Mullet Bay called me to say there was a dog at the security shack..that was starving and covered in ticks. Read more

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Scarlett was adopted last week to a wonderful folks from France, who live on the island and made Scarlett part of their family, they renamed her Bella … A big thank you goes out to all who helped this little girl back to the life she so deserves. Read more


June 2013

Audrey Andrus called and asked me to go to the Dog pound on the French side, where a young mother dog a had been found tied by a wire to a tree with no food and water and 6 one week old pups.
“Please rescue and put them in my garden” said Audrey” and call her June”…she had months before let me put 6 other pups i knew it was the best safe haven for them, a quiet garden with a wooden dog house, that would seem like a palace after the bleak concrete floor at the dog pound. Read more

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